Built for Battles has had an amazing couple years. Thank you for the continued engagement and support.
Life reshapes us as we move forward – exactly what is happening here.
Standby as we move into our next phase.


"Whether it’s vocals, strings or drums he shreds harder than a tissue in a washing machine."

Forrester Savell

Audio Engineer | Yoda’s Father

"I can wholeheartedly say that, without his guidance, skill and wisdom, I wouldn’t be the man I am today."

Ryan Lucas

Coach. Mentor. Facilitator.

"His humble manner, work ethic, commitment to understand, encourage and support others within the group continues to strengthen the standing of this organization within our community."

Kolona Mohenoa

Managing Director | M.E Mentoring | The Fight Club Kingscliff 

"For the 20+ years I have known him, his uncompromising attitude and next level work ethic have remained incorruptible."

Kim Benzie

Dead Letter Circus


Scott Lancaster - Client

"Seldom does there come the opportunity to work with someone with so many enduring and extraordinary qualities."

Paul Wrench

Manufacturers Leaders Group Australia (MLG QLD)

"Singer, guitarist, straight shooter and all round good guy, Lucas Stone is one of my favourite musicians."

Clint Boge

The Butterfly Effect


Ryan Blunden - Client

"He understood that mental illness was a real and internal reality for many people, and that the mind is our most powerful tool."

Shannon Friedrich

Underground Mine Deputy & Operator | Personal Trainer / Boxing Coach | Mentor | Musician | Stage 4 Cancer Survivor