Behind The Battle

17th July 2020

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I am a Father, Musician, Tradesman, Fight Enthusiast and a proven Survivor who also happens to be hopelessly in love with our amazing planet.

This is me opening up as I approach my mid 40’s, realising that I have survived and am beginning to truly enjoy what can only be described as a brutal, crazy and amazingly colourful life.

As it turns out, I can now positively accept and identify that all that may seem like a curse, is almost always a blessing in disguise, should you set out to forge the tools you need to recognise it.

It has been a damn long road to here.

My healing has taken many years and I have had to resort to the fact that it will continue until my end.

And I am more than ok with that. That’s how it rolls.

We are built for battle.

I am using my vast knowledge and experience to create a bit of a safe place where you can gain the information you may need to navigate a way around, or through, whatever obstacle it is you’re faced with.

If you feel uncomfortable about not being ok.

In case you’re too proud or embarrassed to open up.

Just in case you think there is no way out.

It’s ok.

I deal with demons every single day. We all do.

I am a recovered heroin addict and was a chronic substance abuser from the age of 13, first trying drugs at 11 and exposed to drugs and crime from birth.

I died when I was 22, for a substantial period and was very lucky to have been revived.

Towards the end of my 27th year, I began traversing the journey to a place where I now proudly exist with a fit, clean, fully functioning mind and body.

I was diagnosed as a child with what was eventually termed as Trauma Induced Bipolar 1 disorder, prone to severe mania, heavy depression and psychotic episodes. I have dealt with an extremely suicidal personality for as long as I can remember thinking.

I took my last dose of Lithium in 2004, and I am still here, fighting.

I was raised in a broken home whose foundations were built on drugs, crime and violence, eventually attempting to make my own way from around the age of 15.

This didn’t really go to plan, as it rarely does, but after all my gruelling trials and tribulations, now and since 2005, I’ve been self employed and am fully qualified and licensed across three trades.

I suffered a bankruptcy and my own family breakdown over a 2 year period in my mid 30’s.
However, my beautiful daughter is a happy, well adjusted kid and business is smooth sailing.

I also have a successful side career as a respected musician and composer, and, as I approach my mid 40’s, my state of health and what I can still get out of my battered and bruised old body is a testament to the discipline and focus I have mastered during my time on planet Earth.

I would like to help you do the same, or similar, pertaining to your tendencies, beliefs and interests.
There are always answers.

I have developed real world solutions to apply to the every day life of any person, via but not limited to; the mediums of your connection to hard work, Creativity, Communication, Mental Health, Physical Health and Nutrition and Recovery from most anything that ails.

So yeah, have a poke around.

No scientific bullshit you can’t understand. No airy-fairy rubbish from some overtly eccentric moon-unit and no maze of bullshit buzz words and insta-babble to stumble through. Just hard truth and attainable methods to create lasting solutions, providing you’re prepared to confront a few things and do the work.

Obviously this costs me time, money and a life full of sacrifice so sure, certain services incur the necessary charges but if you want results, investment on every level is key.

For a bit of fun, I have also made my music accessible for any filthy rock dogs, shower-crooners and metal heads to poke some fun at.

Additionally, If you’re fighter, lifter or calisthenics practitioner, my Battles brand might have a slab of cotton or some accessories you might be keen on – I’m basically making clothes I wanna wear. Bulk comfy threads for the sweat pig that feel good and look better.


I would be super gracious and proud to see and receive any of your support on any front, as I attempt to return the same to you legends. Wheel’s gotta turn.

Ultimately, I want to see a return to strength in the world’s men, and people in general. In youth and maturity.

Reassume our position and get back to our job as the pillars of society and caretakers of the Earth we have been built and gifted to be.

This doesn’t mean ‘harden up’, but it also doesn’t mean we turn our backs on responsibility or validate and enable giving up.

We have a world full of beautiful women, innocent children, a breath taking animal kingdom and countless amazing eco-systems to protect, nurture and provide for.

That job will never die and it is the sole reason that you should always be proud of who you are and should always strive to maintain your competency, as a man.

Your race, sexuality, beliefs or political persuasion have zero bearing on what the epitome of a ‘man’ or human should be and are all welcome here, providing your ambition aligns itself with principles such as these.

We can talk. You are safe.

You are built for battle.

Thank you.