Training & Nutrition

Given the demands I have imposed on myself over the years, I absolutely have to enforce a strict nutrition and training schedule otherwise it all goes to shit. That’s a major component of post-recovery survival and the main ingredient you’ll need to ‘keep your shit together’ – for lack of a better term.

It’s almost ritualistic. It has to be. But, you can bend. And, I will say that once you set the wheels in motion, the mind-set needed to maintain longevity with a discipline of this nature, is to execute it with humour, acceptance of it’s permanence and the fact that you are and always will be – flawed. You’re human.

The key is getting straight back on the horse and attempting to rectify whatever it was that knocked you off it. Enforcing an unrealistic guideline is the best way to set yourself up to fail.
Step at a time, small daily progressions.

Q&A the shit out of me.
I will attempt to answer everything I can and provide you with the basic tips you need to kick things off and provide some motivation regarding your overall approach to health & fitness. If you just need some simple inspiration to keep the wheels turning, visit the Battles Instagram or Twitter accounts. I write thoughts down and accompany them with a visual inspiration of varied description. They may or may not be enough at a time when you may or may not need it. If it’s enough, great, if it isn’t, please enquire within.

If you’d like to investigate further and implement a schedule into your week, please see ‘Tailored Programs‘.

Look after yourselves! You only get one crack at the title!