I’m Ryan Blunden, a drummer from Brisbane Australia that has way too many guitars – a story for another time – but I want to share my thoughts on working with Lucas Stone and his relatively new business Built for Battles.
I was recommended to chat to Lucas by his bandmate, Rick, who I’ve known for 20 years from the Gold Coast music scene.
I was intrigued by Lucas’ approach.
Having been 12 sessions in – around three months worth – I’m very happy with all of the results and if you’ve ever seen Lucas live in many of his bands you’ll know that he has a very high, hard work ethic, he’s a man of his word and puts everything he has into whatever he’s doing. Built for Battles are is absolutely no exception. I’m in a much better place than I was when I first started with Lucas. I’ve got greater focus, greater clarity with what I’m doing and working on and am also about to embark on our next set of sessions, which is actually the songwriting tuition component – something I’m really excited about.
So if you read Lucas’ work and you were thinking of giving it a try, I would highly encourage you to get in touch. His no BS, no fluff words and very straight talking approach to I guess what you’d call life coaching, was very refreshing for me and it just felt like I was having a conversation with a mate – except a mate that has a lot of awesome life experience and genuinely wants to help you, and, help me to succeed in living my best life whether
that be for music, professional or just life in general. Lucas, mate, you’re doing an awesome job. I highly recommend all in need to check out Built for Battles.

Ryan Blunden - Client

“After deciding to form a band – following what appears to be some sort of midlife crisis – there was a quick realisation that a certain skillset is required to be able to create songs that don’t make the listener audibly sick. This is where Lucas comes in, Lucas was able to provide guidance and articulate the subtleties of song writing and composition in such a way that a deeper understanding of how to construct a dynamic ebb and flow within a song could be achieved, quickly. He has an uncanny ability to provide insight into how to integrate musical parts to achieve the best net result for the piece. I would highly recommend Lucas for songwriters/composers regardless of experience, he will take you to the next level, don’t be shy take the step”

Scott Lancaster - Client

Lucas Stone has been a member of our organisation since being established in 2017.

During this period, Lucas has progressed into one of the senior members within the group.
His humble manner, work ethic, commitment to understand, encourage and support others within the group continues to strengthen the standing of this organisation within our community.

Through personal and professional life experience Lucas has shared in-depth knowledge in:

  • Combat Training (Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiujitsu)
  • Strength and Mobility Training
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Dietary and Weight Management
  • General Physical and Mental Health
  • Leadership Skills

Kolona Mohenoa

Managing Director | M.E Mentoring | The Fight Club Kingscliff 

Lucas is a creative riff lord with years of experience in front of, and, behind the mic.  Whether it’s vocals, strings or drums he shreds harder than a tissue in a washing machine.

Forrester Savell

Audio Engineer | Yoda’s Father

In the age of the ‘influencer’ it can be a challenge to engage with someone who not only genuinely cares deeply enough to help create change in your life, but has the experience to alter your life’s trajectory. Permanently.
I’ve been fortunate enough to have Lucas Stone in my corner for over 7 years now. I can wholeheartedly say that, without his guidance, skill and wisdom, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.
His approach and delivery leave no room for excuse- only results.
It doesn’t take long while working with Lucas to know and truly feel the depth and capacity of who he is as a man.
Even now, when I am facing a problem or expanding as a man I can hear his voice ‘spare me the labour pains, deliver me the baby’
I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is ready, or not, to work with Lucas.
Talk less do more.

Ryan Lucas

Coach. Mentor. Facilitator.

I consider Lucas Stone to be one of the most talented composers of deeply felt music of my generation.  Regardless of genre or musical setting, his consistency of quality, especially considering how prolific his output, is off the fucking charts.  He is part of a very short list of people that if I find out they have done something new, I will pause my life to give his new musical creation my FULL attention and consider that moment a privilege. For the 20+ years I have known him, his uncompromising attitude and next level work ethic have remained incorruptible.

Kim Benzie

Dead Letter Circus

Human experience is a unique and individual process that can sometimes either bring us closer together, or separate us further. For me, as a young adolescent, growing up in a time when older male influence was passed on in an unspoken law of watch and learn, I was fortunate to experience a friendship that gifted inspiration.
Hard work, sacrifice, commitment, application – anything that challenged how I approached people, general problems and how to deal with both. And, most importantly, how to rise above negative experience through positive action.
At 12 years old, my 13 year old brother had a mate that took me under his wing, and treated me as a little brother of his own. Through extremely troubled times, Lucas guided me through the next few decades of my life, providing me with a mindset for overcoming hardship and demonstrating incredible leadership qualities. Ultimately, he was able to influence behavioural shifts within me that would propel me into very beneficial career choices, stemming into numerous corners of my adult life.

We shared a passion for music through our teenage life. However, rather than dabble in guitar riffs like the average music hack, Lucas was forging ahead of his peers by learning full songs to completion, nailing guitar solo’s thought to be almost unattainable, and most importantly, writing complete songs of his own with accompanying lyrics and supporting rhythms and melodies.
Lucas set himself apart by committing pinpoint focus and dedication to a craft and art form, and from this he spent the next few decades leading his bands to success through his relentless drive and creative vision.
He understood what needed to be achieved and worked tirelessly to make things happen. From song writing and creation, to construction and collaboration including organising rehearsals, to booking gigs and tours, organising posters and artwork and advertising in local media outlets, to merchandise, booking and recording albums, distribution and record label interaction.
Lucas lead from the front and did it all, advising others and motivating action where necessary. He left nothing to chance and had a hand in all areas of the music industry.

Through these times, he also committed himself to working extremely hard at becoming a complete Tradesman – achieving full qualifications, licensing and a high industry respect over three seperate trades and additionally possessing a library of skill and knowledge across several others.
Never out of a job, Lucas helped other less resourceful teenagers and young men gain work and experience through his efforts and his reputation. Sometimes to the detriment of his own position of employment. Often putting his neck on the line by dragging people (band mates included) along with him for the ride. Nonetheless, he continued to work hard, through different industries, and pull others along with him to gain skills based employment and experience, also going on to apprentice several, now successful Tradesman across his three Trades.

During this whole time he mentored and supervised others to have a strong and focused work ethic, personally something that has definitely stayed with me since. This ethic has helped me tremendously throughout my working life, including a very successful underground coal mining career in statutory underground management. Lucas’s work ethic and the way he taught others laid strong foundations in how to overcome adversity and approach and complete difficult tasks. I will be forever grateful as a professional in my field for how he helped shaped my work ethic.

Finally, and not to be forgotten, is how Lucas used mental strength to overcome personal issues. Depression, addiction and extreme adversity resulting in poor lifestyle choices. He had a deep insight into how lifestyle and daily habits can either support, or hinder performance, and, how a persons daily choices and actions can contribute towards success or failure.
Lucas understood how to take responsibility by being brutally honest with oneself, not making excuses, having empathy but finding immediate solutions. He understood that mental illness was a real and internal reality for many people, and that the mind is our most powerful tool. He was able to work through his own difficulties by connecting with others on matters concerning him, or them, and find ways to resolve issues by having conversations that lead to implementing positive action. He was understanding, while simultaneously focusing on attaining and achieving goals.

I admire his ability to ‘get it done’ when most others give up.
A reflection of his innate ability to place priorities before desires – still managing to muster up the stoicism to support others through difficult times, whilst dealing with his own.

Shannon Friedrich

Underground Mine Deputy & Operator | Personal Trainer / Boxing Coach | Mentor | Musician | Stage 4 Cancer Survivor

I have known Lucas for over 20 years now and I have to say he is one of my favourite lyricists and songwriters. He is the sledgehammer of truth, there is no escaping his honesty and that’s why we need him on every level of creativity.

20 years on and I can still remember our first meeting, brash, bold, respectful, considerate, understanding but yet so full on and so full of life. His art/music reflects every aspect of the real life struggle, on every level, all the time. I still listen to his music and it was like being hit in the face with a sledgehammer, he is still one of my favourite characters, artists in the music biz today. So underrated, and yet still loved by all that know him. I whole-heartedly endorse anything this guy is doing. CHAMPION!!!

Lucas Stone, Tension, Helm, Hammers all great bands that have endured and survived. Even after such a long time, it seems like only yesterday that we toured together when “The Butterfly Effect” took on the world on our first tours around Australia. We couldn’t have done it without Lucas and his bands, the greatest touring partners, he will always be someone I care deeply for and call my friend.

Lucas has an inability to give up. This will always be a testament to over coming adversity and proving that music is a saviour for so many people. Elements of his story are not necessarily unique, however, the way in which he has turned his life around, through talent and the medium of music given the adversity thrown his way, is very unique. He is an inspiration to all that hear his story and his music.

Singer, guitarist, straight shooter and all round good guy, Lucas Stone is one of my favourite musicians. He is a brilliant songwriter who has given so much to independent music that still paves the way for so many up and coming musicians. I would not endorse anyone who didn’t deserve it and Lucas is one of the best.

Strong in opinion and a fighter for those that have no voice, he is truly an advocte for those that stuggle to be heard.

Clint Boge

The Butterfly Effect

It is with great pleasure I provide you with this testimonial for Lucas Stone.
I worked with Lucas as his direct Manager, in his role as Boatbuilder with Riviera Marine and Azzurra Yachts.
Lucas possesses an extremely high level of work ethic and Trade knowledge, and, whenever we have collaborated, has always proven himself to be extremely motivated, hardworking, honest and reliable, all whilst working to deadlines, maintaining budgets and achieving set targets.
Seldom does there come the opportunity to work with someone with so many enduring and extraordinary qualities. Such people blessed with this number of distinguishing characteristics, separates them from the rest… definitely the case with Lucas.

Paul Wrench

Manufacturers Leaders Group Australia (MLG QLD)