Mum! Are We There Yet?!

9th January 2022

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Life vs Life.As creatures that live within the parameters of this life, in order for it to continue, we must die. So, as individuals, our individual life is destined to die, in order to exemplify the essence of having lived a life in the first place. With me? Like, without nothing, something is actually nothing anyway because if it doesn’t eventually become nothing, we can’t document the something… If you can’t turn something off, it was never on type deal.Convoluted? Maybe.
🤷‍♂️Now.What if we held onto the notion of the ideal life so desperately, and, we eventually succeeded? And then suddenly the transmission alone became so engrained and so visible that life itself was no longer necessary or recognisable because the tangible connection that defines life itself, actually died in the process. Imagine that… “Mum! Are we there yet?” …”Yes son, we’re just around the corner.”Look at your phone. Ask yourself how many hours in a 24 hr period you spend there, deduct sleep and ask yourself how much actual life you’re living.I might be getting old. Washed up. Miserable. Who knows.I have a child in her teens and a lot of friends in their 20’s. They all seem to think everything is pretty normal – flirting with the line between natural connection and AI control. I’m old enough to remember when the technological revolution jarred all of humanity irreparably and also young enough to have had to reinvent myself multiple times to maintain currency for ‘now’.For example, facebook ‘Meta’, will be pure poison for the human condition. Wait and see.
Also, everyone thinks that the new wave of crypto currency, NFT culture, the general digital dollar and the overall prospect of the privatisation of wealth is the answer. Hahahahaha. Fuck.
Can’t y’all see that the whole thing is not even where our concerns are supposed to lie? Material wealth ain’t conducive to real life, dudes. Never was, never will be. I’ve only ever participated in social media and all general digital platforms because of the unfortunate transformation of the music industry over the years, since I entered it in the late 1980’s. I saw the poison right from the get go. So did Lars haha!At some moment very soon, I’ll be bailing from as much of it is I can to maintain sanity, for sure. I have no other need, and adjacently, have no desire to express myself on that medium. Everything is only a choice away and the choices we are creating in the name of progress are getting real fuck’n weird.I tell ya what. Human beings only ever consider moving forward. Through things. Around things. Expansion.
More, more, more.Imagine this for a notion… What if our ‘leaders’ collectively had the brains and foresight (based on our hindsight) to pull back?Regression in the name of progression.Make some serious sacrifices and reintroduce some lost or forgotten, essential principles.
A little bit more of the simple life ideal.Sift through the good ideas, the bad ideas and attempt to re-shape things, applicable to a life that defines itself on the basis of principle, connection, environmental nurture, true individual strength and community.Not comparison, gluttony, vanity, consumerism, social or financial status and advancements mirroring nothing short of total control coupled with a hefty slab of God complex.Imagine that.The young crew might laugh at me.But I guarantee, if they stop to truly ponder their future, their views might surprise both them and us.What they’re accepting and shaping themselves around to stay valid vs the deep recognition of what they actually need, are worlds apart.Opening everyone’s eyes to the difference is the biggest conundrum we face.Anyway.I will drop intermittent brain farts from the Built for Battles site as I continue to shape my work. I have plans. And I’m still making them, but I guess my work via this medium is them happening as we speak.Come say hello every now and then.Real life is hanging on to its last breath. Revival is paramount.
We’re losing the human race.