Scalene | 1995 – 1998

Scalene was my first real band and the one that should have stood the test of time, above all.

We were best friends since kids and literally started playing music together in the first year of meeting, at around the age of 12.
We were a three piece – the shrapnel from our previous 5-piece incarnation – Quilt.
This band was that one band that if turmoil and growing pains didn’t get in the way, we could have achieved anything.

At around 19/20 years of age, we were discovered by the ever legendary gentleman, Costa Zouliou of Triple J, interviewed at ABC studios Brisbane, added to the Full Metal Racket 2000 compilation and placed on J’s rotation for a while, eventually scouted out by then Roadrunner Records’ General Manager, John Satterly. We’d been courted by a handful of major label sharks for quite a while – was a wild time. He seemed decent enough.
Unfortunately, he was offering us the world as our world was imploding.

As a band, Scalene were only a 3 year explosion but we three actually began becoming musicians together as kids, on basically the same day. So to us, it was a lifetime and even though Scalene was short-lived, it realistically started around ’88-89.

We are all still very best friends and you will find my space brother, Simon Reys destroying the bass guitar on solo projects Carry the Black and Old Horse, New Town.

Shannon Friedrich
Simon Reys
Lucas Stone

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Perpetual Motion – 1997
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