eBook - The Dirty Dozen

What is ‘The Dirty Dozen’?

This program explores in great detail, the necessary steps a modern Tradesman or woman and / or Business owner must implement, to ensure not just a smooth-sailing, fully functioning business but additionally, the stable, orderly and methodical state of mind we must maintain, in order to keep our head, heart and finances in tact.

So important. Now more than ever.

We currently exist in what is potentially the most ambitious and yet, disconnected period in human history. All people across all walks of life are finding things very difficult and if not, definitely have someone very close to home who is.

Following on from the presentation or delivery, clients will have the opportunity to open a line of communication with us, should they need future mentoring or tuition, specific programs or plans tailored and delivered to them, injecting future progression and stability into their business.

Owning a business can be difficult without the correct tools. Maintaining a good one, even more so. No different to the completion of a quality job.
If your own skills, tools, labour and material are mismanaged and not in order, how can you yield quality results?

Particularly looking forward to engaging all the blokes out there on this one.

Tradesmen are important.

As mentioned in The Dirty Dozen – since the beginning of mankind, Tradies have quite literally, built the world as we know it. I think a much needed injection of pride is in order.