Kind Words!!

2nd October 2020

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“After deciding to form a band – following what appears to be some sort of midlife crisis – there was a quick realisation that a certain skillset is required to be able to create songs that don’t make the listener audibly sick. This is where Lucas comes in, Lucas was able to provide guidance and articulate the subtleties of song writing and composition in such a way that a deeper understanding of how to construct a dynamic ebb and flow within a song could be achieved, quickly. He has an uncanny ability to provide insight into how to integrate musical parts to achieve the best net result for the piece. I would highly recommend Lucas for songwriters/composers regardless of experience, he will take you to the next level, don’t be shy take the step”

 Scott Lancaster.

Management Executive / Guitarist


One of my recent clients has just finished a mini workshop utilising the Songwriting Tuition component of ‘The Creative’, within the Built for Battles framework. I’m so stoked to see how much progress he has made as a result of the sessions we worked through. The dude was super compliant and studious and I can see that what we fast-tracked in this extremely short period would potentially account for years of experience, without this guidance.

If you’re after a refreshing, mind expanding perception of contemporary songwriting, your vocals or approach to various aspects of music in general, visit Music Class at The Creative drop-down on the Built for Battles website. Hit me up by direct email or questionnaire option, depending on the depth of what you’d like to achieve as a result of your consultation. Thanks legends.

And, thanks Scotty!!