Client Testimonial

Some more very kind words sent to us regarding our work in the Built for Battles space.
Very humbled by this gesture and gracious that I / we are afforded the opportunity to help stabilise and sometimes enrich peoples lives on multiple levels.

Thank you for the ongoing support, looking forward to meeting more of you as our community continues to grow.


I’m Ryan Blunden, a drummer from Brisbane Australia that has way too many guitars – a story for another time – but I want to share my thoughts on working with Lucas Stone and his relatively new business Built for Battles.
I was recommended to chat to Lucas by his bandmate, Rick, who I’ve known for 20 years from the Gold Coast music scene.
I was intrigued by Lucas’ approach.
Having been 12 sessions in – around three months worth – I’m very happy with all of the results and if you’ve ever seen Lucas live in many of his bands you’ll know that he has a very high, hard work ethic, he’s a man of his word and puts everything he has into whatever he’s doing. Built for Battles are is absolutely no exception. I’m in a much better place than I was when I first started with Lucas. I’ve got greater focus, greater clarity with what I’m doing and working on and am also about to embark on our next set of sessions, which is actually the songwriting tuition component – something I’m really excited about.
So if you read Lucas’ work and you were thinking of giving it a try, I would highly encourage you to get in touch. His no BS, no fluff words and very straight talking approach to I guess what you’d call life coaching, was very refreshing for me and it just felt like I was having a conversation with a mate – except a mate that has a lot of awesome life experience and genuinely wants to help you, and, help me to succeed in living my best life whether
that be for music, professional or just life in general. Lucas, mate, you’re doing an awesome job. I highly recommend all in need to check out Built for Battles.