10th September 2020

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Beautiful people.

This announcement comes with much exhaustion, excitement and fair dinkum, soul shattering nerves.

For the last two years I have been working tirelessly on a project behind the scenes, that has been nothing short of a legitimate mission. All consuming.

Firstly, I want to extend a huge thank you to every single sexy af punter, fan, friend or family member that has supported my musical career throughout my life, whether it be from the early years or more recently, via bands such as Helm, Hammers or my solo projects.
In an ever-changing industry, I truly appreciate being lucky enough to have weathered the storm and to amazingly, be still garnering fans across all ages and demographics. It blows me away and I don’t take it for granted for a second.

As it is within the character of the music I compose, my personality tends to travel in a million directions at once – for better or worse – and like many of us, I have spent my whole life trying to find solace in the upside down place that is my maniacal mind and boundary pushing body.

Along the way, I’ve managed to witness the best and worst that life has to offer a white, western male of the modern age, and, in the process, have been forced into forging survival tools and coping solutions that breach the realm of the norm, by a huge mile.
Either way, I’m still here. Still tearing shit down.

It’s time for me to step outside of myself and my immediate circle and pass some content on to the public that isn’t just music or filthy language haha.
We live in such a crazy world, during an absolutely wild time. I don’t know one person who can honestly say they know what the fuck is going on. Trying to keep a grip on stability in the current social climate is seemingly impossible for just about everyone.

Is it though?

Most of my peers, associates and friends, I’m sure, view me as some non-emote wall that appears to cope with everything, mow through anything in front of me and generally doesn’t have an off switch.
In some respects, they’re probably right.
But I’m not what you’d call a ‘happy’ dude. I never have been.
On the surface at times, maybe? But my mental and emotional constitution has been fraught with impatience, high level anxiety and a deep-seated anger towards myself, everyone else and just about anything I can find a fault in, my whole life.
What is happiness though? What are we expecting? What has changed so much that a human’s capacity to simplify and appreciate the amazing gift of life is now almost null and void?
So many questions to answer! …a conversation for down the road.

I don’t wear it across my chest but I have lived on the brink of suicide and the darkest depression, mania and overwhelming mental complexities conceivable, on a daily basis, for as long as I can remember.
The moment my feet hit the floor every morning, my mind is a diabolical storm that I have to clear so I can go forth and ‘Seize the Day!’, as they say.
I hate this shit, too.
And I feel for everyone that feels anything remotely similar.
It’s in the songs. My work. My achievements. My continual drive to obtain the best possible outcome in whatever I turn my hand or mind to. I’ve had to embrace it and remain on a mission to re-shape it all into a positive weapon.

Somewhere along the road, I learnt to convert this firestorm into fuel. To redirect it constructively. Create spiritual highways to drive down. Oceans to drown in. Soundscapes to disappear in. Controlled violence to punish myself with. Boundaries to break. Exhaustion to die in.

Life is life.
Without it, there’s quite simply, no life. We need each other and we need to get back to appreciating the amazing simplicity we were born into, before someone fucked our shit up and killed our sense of humour.

So, this is the clincher.
I’ve created a means to pass on what I know using the most direct, easy-to-use methods possible. To attempt to help people do the best they can to feel worthy, gain strength and find a place in this madness, without expectation.

The basis of the framework is built around navigating what I deem as the three most pivotal aspects of modern life.
Work. Creativity. Health.
All three harbour multiple meanings, multiple angles, multiple connections and inevitably spiral both inward and outward, into every dimension of our consciousness, on every level.
Focusing on happiness is an exercise in futility. Focusing on tasks that result in outcomes that lead to happiness is key.

The tricky part for me has been figuring out how to consolidate everything I’ve done, am doing and intend to do, into the one format for all to acquire whatever they can from me, in order to benefit from my work and output in general.
I think I’ve done it though… and I hope you guys dive right in and if we dig deep, hopefully we can make some rad personal and social changes together.
Some of it comes with a cost or investment of some description but I am truly attempting to inject as much generosity into this as realistically possible.
It’s all new territory for me, so bear with me as I endeavour to cut a few mad-hectic new shapes on the dance floor of this ‘brave new world’ haha.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Stay whole. I wish you well.
You are built for battle.

Let’s fuck’n go. 

The absolute hugest of thanks to Az and the team at 7thVision. Literally could not have done this without your endless support and tireless work. Ricky T, My man. Always by my side. Thank you brother. Warren Keelan – you are the very best at what you do and I feel honoured to call you a friend. The presence of your work on this site is as important as the content within. Thank you mate.
All supporters and affiliates.
Stoney Jr., Chelsi, Tobias, my band, my best friends and ratbag crews. Maaaad love. Oos Oos!!