7 Days In

18th September 2020

Posted in: Latest News


So, it’s been 7 days since I launched this little juggernaut and as mentioned on my facebook post early week, I couldn’t be more appreciative of the response and interaction straight off the bat. Incredible stuff! And, so awesome to see so many maddogs willing to find the courage to not only reach out in the first place, but also show so much enthusiasm to get at it and do some work. Rad.

We need change. New methods. New stimuli. Productive outlets. Better tools. Permanent results.

Anyway, as we slide into the weekend on this fine Friday afternoon, I just wanted extend a gentle prompt or reminder to make sure you do your best to use your time away from the mundane.
Be creative. Think about the little things that matter. Kick some new things off that you’ve been stalling on, wanting to get better at or wish to complete.
Try to get to Sunday night and leave yourself with the feeling that you left a productive little stain in your wake for the weekend. However large or small.
If you do choose to hit the piss, bag and pingaz, however, it’s obviously your choice but there’ll be repercussions for the week ahead and you’ll probably end up leaving a real different stain. In ya duds.
We’ve all been there.

Jokes aside… Connect to the planet, be artistic, exhaust yourself, develop some new tools – either by yourself or with good, like-minded people and loved ones. That’s how happiness and contentment is born. Day at a time, one foot in front of the other.

I urge everybody who’s feeling a little lost to run your eyes over this little document below, in the hope that it reminds you of the importance of staying connected with and developing your creative mind and disconnecting from the useless shit that stifle’s its progress. Vital stuff, and, of paramount importance when it comes to the general maintenance of your mental health.


Pay what ya want – if you’re doing it tough, no drama. I just want y’all to read it.
Take care of yourselves.