The Working Life

We’ve all gotta work.

Massive bummer, but it’s true.

It’s part of the balance of life. You put in, you get back.
Unfortunately, in many ways our societal structure forces us to execute a multitude of tasks that aren’t necessarily in harmony with the planet, or our natural instincts as humans, and, can quite often find a large percentage of us either miserable with our job in general, severely under performing or not having any idea what the hell to do at all.

We have to find a balance though. Communicate with us about your situation. We have the tools to help and will do our best to attempt to re-program the way you’ve been approaching your working life.
A lot of the time, our ego can do more harm than we realise. Comparison is a killer and the ability to prioritise is a very underrated, necessary skill.

If you are a business owner or have a very specific, high pressure job in Trade or Business that you need help optimising, please check out ‘The Dirty Dozen‘.

Take care of yourselves!